DiscoverOff Track with Hinch and Rossi1: Pat McAfee and the Winner of Oz
1: Pat McAfee and the Winner of Oz

1: Pat McAfee and the Winner of Oz

Update: 2018-03-2218


Rossi introduces Hinch (Indycar, Dancing with the Stars), Hinch introduces Rossi (Indycar, The Amazing Race), and Thim introduces himself (Mario Kart). The guys introduce CastBox (Sponsor, Benefactor, Amazing Podcast Platform) (0:00 - 5:55). The inaugural segment of Grinds My Gears: Hinch complains about trigger happy texting vs the text block (5:56 - 8:09). The inaugural segment of Draft Day: In honor of Ronda Rousey joining the WWE, Hinch and Rossi choose their tag team partners for when they enter the ring against one another, and how to call into the show (8:10 - 14:26). Pat McAfee discusses how amazing the name Off Track is, falling out of love with being an NFL punter and into love with Barstool Heartland, Celine Dion and Canada (including Robert Wickens), his first attempt at buying a goat, and his Canal arrest (14:27 - 28:45). The inaugural lighting round segment: How fast has Pat McAfee driven and what happens when you pee in your car, mid-race (28:46 - 34:40). The inaugural Battle Royale: Who would win in a match to the death from The Wizard of Oz? (34:41 - 40:40). Credits and Outro (40:41 - 41:54).


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Comments (3)

Darren Winsor

I’m thoroughly enjoying this podcast. I’m a long time INDYCAR fan since the days of CART! Love the nod to Bullet Toothed Tony in the movie Snatch. Great interview!

Apr 11th

Kyle Bounsall

Great PodCast

Mar 24th

Ryan Ward

Pretty sure my dog hates Pat McAfee. Every time he talks my dog barks at my speaker non-stop.

Mar 22nd








1: Pat McAfee and the Winner of Oz

1: Pat McAfee and the Winner of Oz