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1 Time Mastery Tactic to Win in 2022

1 Time Mastery Tactic to Win in 2022

Update: 2021-12-311


Why be an opening act when you and I both know you’re built to be a headliner?

If you’re there now, beautiful.

If you’re not, then my encouragement is to start the process today. A year from now, you’ll be so happy you did.

A strong beginning point is to consider this insight: one of the primary assets of genius is time mastery. [Time management is so old-school; the true sport is to master it].

Watch someone stuck in a victim mentality and a life of scarcity and you’ll see they waste their time.

...always playing with their phones because they lack a heroic ambition that will fuel their passion.

...always watching television and relentlessly hanging out with their friends because they haven’t articulated any inspiring targets.

...always waiting in long lines to go to the places the majority suggests are where you need to go to be cool. And accepted.

On the other side are the rare-air few who get amazing projects done, dominate their domains via their skill and lead lives of boundless joy and fulfillment [because service is the DNA of happiness].

The Top 5% of producers, guard their time fiercely. They are up early, have clear daily plans, run elite performance routines and alternate bursts of extreme productivity with periods of deep rest so they sustain their A-Game over a lifetime. 

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1 Time Mastery Tactic to Win in 2022

1 Time Mastery Tactic to Win in 2022

Robin Sharma