DiscoverConscious Health Talks1. Introducing Conscious Health Talks
1. Introducing Conscious Health Talks

1. Introducing Conscious Health Talks

Update: 2020-08-17


At last!

I've been toying around with the idea of starting my own Podcast for a while now.  I have loved the format for several years now and have benefited so much from it myself. For whatever reason I thought I couldn't do it and found many excuses that made me postpone the project again and again. Now finally I have found the time and courage to tackle the whole thing and I am happy to introduce my Podcast in this first episode.

I'm still trying out different things, so it is a bit bumpy here and there, but I wanted to finally get a first episode out. It is also a big challenge for me to speak in front of the microphone and also in a foreign language. Finally I thought, "whatever", and pressed the publish button.

In this first episode I tell a bit about myself and how I came to the topic of health and sports. Finally, I want to show you what I plan to do with this podcast and what you can expect from it. In the future the intention is no longer to talk alone, but to bring interview partners from the health, sports and self-improvement environment to the show.

I am very curious about your feedback and if you are interested in the project here, you can find more information on how to get in touch in the show notes below. Finally, it would be great if you could share the show with a friend or acquaintance you think could benefit from it. If you know someone from the area who would be an excellent guest: Bring them on! :)

Thanks for listening and hear you next time,


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1. Introducing Conscious Health Talks

1. Introducing Conscious Health Talks

Niklas Frick