DiscoverAll Around Growth1.04 | Occupational Wellness
1.04 | Occupational Wellness

1.04 | Occupational Wellness

Update: 2019-11-03


In this episode, we'll be discussing the following:

  • Definition of Occupational Wellness
  • Why Occupational Wellness is Important
  • The Route to Occupational Wellness

Definition of Occupational Wellness

  • Occupational wellness inspires us to prepare for work in which we will gain personal satisfaction and find enrichment in our life. 
    • Dad taught us:
      • “Do what you love, do it well, and the money will come.”
    • My own personal career path

 Why is Occupational Wellness Important?

  • Developing occupational satisfaction will allow you to communicate your values through involvement in occupational activities that are gratifying for you.
    • Easily achieved:
      • “Do what you love, do it well, and the money will come.”
        • Many people struggle, for they don’t follow this simple rule.
    • Interestingly enough, the next statement reads:
  • It is also important to identify workplace stress in order to practice conflict management.
    • At an early age, I learned to identify workplace stress and practice conflict management
      • Sometimes, the only way to effectively manage conflict is to walk away
        • Weigh the pros and the cons of conflict
      • “Conflict management is key to achieving an optimal level of occupational wellness”       
        • Yes…do no harm, but take no shit
  • “Choosing what your career will be a very important life choice…”
    • Why?
      • “Working takes up a majority of your time during the week, so the way you feel about your work contributes to your overall well-being”
        • Why do something that sucks?
      • “Do what you love, do it well, and the money will come.”
  • Remember!
    • You can change your career.
      • Don’t like where you’re at, feeling stuck in a rut?
        • Two authors come to mind:
          • Jon Acuff
            • START, Do Over, Finish
          • Dan Miller
            • 48 Days to the Work you Love


The Route to Occupational Wellness

  • Discover the opportunities out there which suits you best…
    • Reflect on yourself and your occupational needs. What occupational tasks do you enjoy? What occupational tasks do you find burdensome?
    • Explore both paid and un-paid work and volunteer opportunities that interest you.
      • If you didn’t have to generate income, what would you do?
    • Practice open communication and proper conflict management with your colleagues.
      • Rather than focus on ways to communicate through bullshit with others…try to focus on communicating with yourself
    • Set realistic career goals for yourself and constantly work towards accomplishing these goals.
      • This can be tough if you’re working in an unstructured environment.
      • Small businesses often lack the corporate structure…         
        • Pros:
          • Less Bullshit
        • Cons:
          • Less Bullshit
      • Less reviews, less structured goals, more self-ownership
        • Own your life
        • Set your own goals
        • If

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1.04 | Occupational Wellness

1.04 | Occupational Wellness

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