DiscoverCome Follow Me 2020 - Book of Mormon Evidence1.1 Come Follow Me (Introductory Pages) - Book of Mormon Evidence - Panel Discussion
1.1 Come Follow Me (Introductory Pages) - Book of Mormon Evidence - Panel Discussion

1.1 Come Follow Me (Introductory Pages) - Book of Mormon Evidence - Panel Discussion

Update: 2020-01-05


Book of Mormon Evidence Podcast - Come Follow Me 
Supplementary Study - PART 1

 Lesson 01, Dec. 30-Jan. 5 : Introductory Pages of the Book of Mormon

 Hosted by Rod Meldrum - Author & International Speaker - The FIRM Foundation

Guests in this episode: 

David Hocking - Managing Editor, Annotated Edition of the Book of Mormon

Rian Nelson - Executive and Events Manager - The FIRM Foundation

James and Hannah Stoddard - Documentary Producers, Authors  - The Joseph Smith Foundation

 Topics of discussion and Book of Mormon insights you'll learn about in this lesson:

  • What do you expect to learn about the Book of Mormon this year? 
  • Don't we generally get what we expect? How can we expect more?
  • Introductory information to the Book of Mormon - The Introduction page and the Title page; where did they come from?  Which was part of  the gold plates?  Which was not?  
  • Title Page - What did Joseph Smith tell about its origin?  Where was it found within the gold plates? Who wrote it?  
  • What was in the stone box on the Hill Cumorah ?
  • What was NOT in the stone box?   
  • Where did Joseph get the Small plates of Nephi to replace the Book of  Lehi that was lost in the 116 pages? 
  • Did Joseph Smith translate two sets of  plates?
  • What are the purposes of the Book of Mormon?
  • Is it simply to testify of Jesus Christ?
  • D&C 3:16-20 does this passage suggest another purpose?
  • How can you know the Book of Mormon is True?  Moroni 10:5
  • "It's Not only about knowing the Book of Mormon is true,
  • It's about knowing the truths in the Book of Mormon!"
  • To warn a specific latter-day nation not to go down the same path!
  • Remind that Promised Land nation of the covenant blessings, requirements and judgements associated with that covenant.
  • To whom was it written?  2 Nephi 29
  • Was it written for our day, or theirs?
  • Who are their descendants?
  • Review President Nelson's Oct 2017 General Conference. 
  • The Book of Mormon is...?
  • The Book of Mormon affirms...?
  • The Book of Mormon refutes notions that....?
  • The Book of Mormon fulfills bibilical prophecies that...?
  • The Book of Mormon clarifies understanding about...?
  • The Book of Mormon reveals information previously unknown... 

What is "the fullness of the gospel?"  D&C 39:6, 11

  • Is there a difference between the "Gospel" and the "Fullness of the Gospel?"
  • Does the Book of Mormon contain the "Fullness of the gospel?" If so, why doesn't if have many gospel related ordinances such as the temple endowment, etc? 
  • Is the "fullness of the gospel" a covenant to recover Israel?
  • 3 Nephi 16:10 - suggests that the gospel and fullness of the gospel are different.  How are they different?
  • 3 Nephi 20:22 , 29-30 Where are the two covenant lands Christ mentions? What are they called? When were they established?
  • If one of the purposes of the Book of Mormon is to warn a latter-day nation, does it matter which latter-day nation it is? 
  • Jesus Christ showed Mormon, the abridger of the Nephite records, our day.  Mormon 8:35 . Is it possible that because of that knowledge he was guided and inspired to include certain aspects from the Nephite history that would be most relevant to us today?  If so, what is the significance of that understanding?
  • Could the Book of Mormon be a parallel history of the United States of America?
  • Is it just coincidental that the Church-wide study of the Book

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1.1 Come Follow Me (Introductory Pages) - Book of Mormon Evidence - Panel Discussion

1.1 Come Follow Me (Introductory Pages) - Book of Mormon Evidence - Panel Discussion

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