DiscoverThe I Am Podcast with Ashley LeMieux#10: I Am Brave – An Update on Our Family
#10: I Am Brave – An Update on Our Family

#10: I Am Brave – An Update on Our Family

Update: 2020-10-271


I’m not going to lie, this is the most nervous I have been so far to record a podcast episode. Let me tell you why. Many of you know that my husband and I miscarried our baby Jayce 7 months ago. We had made the decision to get pregnant 3 and a half years after losing permanent guardianship of two children. And it took us a really long time to make the decision to grow our family again. After going through these two very traumatic and heartbreaking losses, we had to sit down and really think about when and if we even wanted to try for children again. So today I’ll be giving you an update on my health, and sharing with you what we have decided for the future of our family.


Welcome to the I Am Podcast, hosted by Ashely LeMieux. In this show, Ashley will help you uncover the greatest power in your life: you! After going on her own healing journey, Ashley realized she was looking for a way out, when what she really needed was a way in, to fully uncover who she is. On the I Am Podcast, Ashley will be sharing tangible tools and inspiring interviews to help you create a clear pathway forward. Get ready to reframe your thoughts, reimagine your future, and reclaim your power.


Hosted by: Ashley LeMieux



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#10: I Am Brave – An Update on Our Family

#10: I Am Brave – An Update on Our Family

Ashley LeMieux