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10: Surviving Is Revolutionary

10: Surviving Is Revolutionary

Update: 2019-11-205


This week, Stephanie sits down with Garth Mullins, who hosts an award-winning podcast in Canada called Crackdown, which is also about drugs. The difference? Garth is coming at it from the perspective of a drug user. The plan was to talk about international solutions and Garth's recent reporting in Portugal (which they do discuss) but they also compare notes as two podcasters making shows based on personal trauma. And in the process, Stephanie has a huge revelation. 

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Last Day contains strong language, mature themes, and may not be appropriate for all listeners. 


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Every new episode of this podcast is informative and honest and I've learned so much. If you are only mildly aware of the opioid crisis or what motivates people who suffer from opoid addiction, I highly recommend this series.

Nov 26th
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10: Surviving Is Revolutionary

10: Surviving Is Revolutionary

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