10. DISC - What I Love (The Basics)

10. DISC - What I Love (The Basics)

Update: 2020-10-19


In today’s episode I finally get to share what I love about DISC, why I use it, and how it can help you learn about yourself and better relate to others! We’ll take a quick look at the strengths of each style and point out some tips on how to improve your communication abilities

Intentional Optimism - The Tenets 

  • Optimistic - hopeful, positive, proactive
  • Present - having a sense of wonder, generous, kind/open
  • Courageous - lead, adventure, resilient
  • Energetic - industrious, energetic and life-focused
  • Wise - understanding, words, respect
  • Intentional - sense of purpose, plan, grow

What is DISC?

  •   2 Main Categories
    • Reserved or Outgoing
    • People Oriented or Task Oriented
  •  What shapes your personality?
    • Heredity / Genetics - patterns you are born with
    • Environment /  Life Experiences
    • Role Models / People who teach us what is valuable

Main Types and their details:
D = Dominant
- Direct, great leaders, move the project.
    Motivated by: Results
    Fear: Being taken advantage of

I = Influencing - very social and fun - persuaders, friendly, talkers Social, fun, spontaneous, in the spotlight, talkative, expressive, friendly
    Motivated by: Recognition
    Fear: Rejection and loss of approval

S = Steady - get things done, keep things friendly, loyal Team oriented, friendly, loyal, relied on to follow through, great listeners
    Motivated by: Relationships
    Fear: Loss of security or confrontation

C = Compliant - accurate, organized, on time, analytical planners On time, organized, analytical, planners, accurate, self sacrificing
    Motivated by: Reason
    Fear: Criticism, getting it wrong

  • How to communicate
    • D = Be brief, direct and to the point.  Ask WHAT, not HOW; focus on results; offer solutions
    • I =  Don’t ignore their ideas - Recognize their efforts. Allow time for socializing; Follow up in writing; Short meetings are more productive.
    • S = Smile - cultivate a friendly atmosphere. Don't be aggressive; Define roles of team members; Find a common interest.  
    • C = Give them the details. Offer validated facts; Be precise; Be patient - answer all the questions and follow up. 

Now what? 

Resources mentioned in this episode

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10. DISC - What I Love (The Basics)

10. DISC - What I Love (The Basics)

Andrea Johnson