DiscoverAgile for Humans with Ryan Ripley100: Using Wardley Maps to Drive Improvement
100: Using Wardley Maps to Drive Improvement

100: Using Wardley Maps to Drive Improvement

Update: 2018-09-20


Don Gray (@donaldegray) and Mike Coon (@mikeonitstuff) joined Ryan Ripley (@ryanripley) to discuss Wardley Maps, decision making at the leadership level, and how to visualize changes in your organization.

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Don is a friend and mentor to me and a valued member of the agile community. He has contributed to multiple books including CENTER ENTER TURN SUSTAIN: ESSAYS IN CHANGE ARTISTRYREADINGS FOR PROBLEM-SOLVING LEADERSHIP, and AMPLIFY YOUR EFFECTIVENESS. He co-teaches one of the top agile and leadership workshops available – Coaching Beyond the Team – with Esther Derby.

Mike with more than 30 years in IT, Mike is interested in sharing the lessons he’s learned in Business, Technology, and Life at his website MikeOnItStuff. Through observation, questioning, coaching and consultation,he helps executives, managers, and teams identify their values, articulate their vision, set their strategy and incorporate continuous learning and improvement into their daily activities.

Doing a map of the things a company or director are doing – even a crappy whiteboard map showing only the biggest rocks – really adds clarity to decision making and approach to improvement.

— Mike Coon (@mikeonitstuff) July 20, 2018

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In this episode you’ll discover:

  • What are Wardley Maps and how can you use them in your work

  • Methods to visualize the progression of a product in a complex world

  • How to use these methods to help guide management level decision making

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100: Using Wardley Maps to Drive Improvement

100: Using Wardley Maps to Drive Improvement

Ryan Ripley