DiscoverThe Golden Queers101: M.R. and Yoseñio
101: M.R. and Yoseñio

101: M.R. and Yoseñio

Update: 2022-06-24


From standing up to the governor at 13 years old, to helping create the San Francisco Protocol Implementation Task Force to educate the city on how to treat trans people, Afro-Latinx trans artist and health educator Yoseñio V. Lewis is a lifelong activist. In this conversation with host M.R. Raquel, Yoseñio shares how he strives to become both a role model for and collaborator with younger generations to shape the future. In response, M.R. shares the importance of welcoming perspectives outside their "bubble," and M.R. and Jae reflect on the complications of "looking queer."

This limited-series audio endeavor is sponsored by California State Library and hosted by bilingual Storycorps veteran M.R. Raquel and “Unapologetically Us” producer Je’nae Singh (a.k.a. Jae). Listen in as M.R. and Jae do some deep engaging and listening with a rich array of California LGBTQIA2S+ elder activists and luminaries, reflecting on our community, our movement, and what older and younger generations have to learn from each other.

The Golden Queers is produced, hosted and edited by Jae Singh and M.R. Raquel, with music provided by Karl Casey at White Bat Audio. Find the Golden Queers online at Executive producers for The Outwords Archive are Jack MacCarthy and Bliss, and OUTWORDS’ executive director is Mason Funk. OUTWORDS captures, preserves, and shares the stories of LGBTQ+ elders, to build community and catalyze social change. More info at The Golden Queers is funded by a generous grant from the California State Library’s Oral History Project.
Special thanks to this week's storyteller: Yoseñio Lewis. Additional thanks to Lynnore Goldfarb and Julie Roley.
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101: M.R. and Yoseñio

101: M.R. and Yoseñio

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