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102 - The Worse He Treats Me

102 - The Worse He Treats Me

Update: 2019-10-25


This week on Off The Cutting Room Floor, we're talking about that song.

The voice of Seymour was provided by Ryan from Rumor Flies (@RumorFlies), Audrey was Samantha from Perhaps It's You (@PerhapsItsYou),Howard Ashman was Davis from Jacks of Trades (@JacksTradesPod), and Alan Menken was Robin from The Trail Went Cold (@robin_warder).

Theme music is the track "always slept so soundly" by serisu, off the EP domestications.

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Cassette sound effect (which has been extended) is by Bertrof on


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*Unfortunately, the Feed Me message board no longer exists and I can't find an archive of the thread or Sarah's comment. However, after I wrote about what I had found about "The Worse He Treats Me," she replied and explained that the song was cut immediately after the workshop and that the song was never included in a draft of the script that was rehearsed, performed, or seen by any performers.









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102 - The Worse He Treats Me

102 - The Worse He Treats Me

Joss Hoskinson