DiscoverThe Tech Talks Daily Podcast1027: Simplifying Microsegmentation
1027: Simplifying Microsegmentation

1027: Simplifying Microsegmentation

Update: 2019-11-20


Edgewise makes an automatic microsegmentation solution that enables enterprises to create zero-trust environments. Zero trust and microsegmentation are hot topics in the information security landscape at the moment, with Gartner recently listed it as a top security priority, second only to better network hygiene.

Edgewise founder and CEO Peter Smith joins me on my daily tech podcast to share his expertise and insights. The serial entrepreneur built and deployed Harvard University’s first NAC system before it became a security category.

Peter brings a security practitioner’s perspective to Edgewise with more than ten years of expertise as an infrastructure and security architect of data centers and customer-hosting environments for Harvard University, Endeca Technologies (Oracle), American Express, Fidelity UK, Bank of America, and Nike. Most recently, Peter was on the founding team at Infinio Systems where he led product and technology strategy.

Historically, attempts at microsegmentation have been long, complicated and expensive, taking up to a year to complete. Once “done,” it’s never finished - as applications and data stores get moved around, they leave a vulnerability until the policy is updated. And with the dynamic nature of the cloud where things change daily, simply repurposing firewalls (the current approach) is not adequate or efficient.

I learn how Edgewise brings a unique approach to creating zero trust. First, machine learning maps the network and eliminates non-critical pathways, reducing the attack surface. Then, with a single click, it microsegments the network.

Edgewise’s innovation is to tie policies to the applications themselves, versus the underlying IP address. Peter explains zero trust and microsegmentation in a language that everyone understands. We also discuss why current methods are outdated and cannot support the dynamic nature of clouds and containers.


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1027: Simplifying Microsegmentation

1027: Simplifying Microsegmentation