DiscoverThe Lifestyle Investor - Investing, Passive Income, Wealth105: Let Go of the Past & Overcome Your Trauma with Stefanos Sifandos
105: Let Go of the Past & Overcome Your Trauma with Stefanos Sifandos

105: Let Go of the Past & Overcome Your Trauma with Stefanos Sifandos

Update: 2022-10-26


If you want to live a rich life, one of the most important assets to invest in is yourself. You can have all the money in the world, but if you don't have your health, the money is pointless. While today’s episode doesn’t cover the usual investing strategies our guests normally speak on, it does offer valuable insight into how someone with a difficult past can face their fear, let go of the past, and completely turn their life around for the better. 


I’m talking with Stefanos Sifandos. Stefanos is a behavioral scientist and relationship expert who has worked with Elite Special Forces soldiers, Olympic Gold Medalists, high-performing CEOs, entrepreneurs, world champion fighters, and everyday people, helping them to move past their trauma and step into freedom.


Before Stefanos could help all those people, he needed to help himself first. He grew up in a low-income family with an abusive father, and the trauma he went through as a child wreaked havoc on his life as an adult. He became addicted to food, porn, sex, and abusive relationships.


After years of struggle, he decided to stop the past from influencing his present. He explored his deep-seated pain and saw the man he could be if he didn’t allow those demons to define him. Today, he no longer fears his insecurities and isn’t afraid to share them with those he loves. 


In our conversation, we dig into the importance of facing and working through difficult emotions and past traumas, and surrounding yourself with people who believe in you.


We also go over Stefanos’ strategies for doing the inner work he used to overcome years of depression and feelings of self-worth, so he could build a thriving business and freedom lifestyle.

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105: Let Go of the Past & Overcome Your Trauma with Stefanos Sifandos

105: Let Go of the Past & Overcome Your Trauma with Stefanos Sifandos