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105- Goodbye 2020

105- Goodbye 2020

Update: 2020-12-1619


Goodbye 2020… Father Cooper takes on a solo episode this week and closes out the insane year of 2020 with the Daddy Gang. She talks highs and lows of her year as well as the Daddy Gang's. She also gives a quick dick riding tip to girls on how to make sure the small dick stays in and doesn't fall out, what to do when your boyfriend slut shames you for your past, training men like you train a dog, a story of a guy Alex fucked to use his rooftop pool in NYC, the issue of dating someone in college after you have graduated, what to do when you find your boyfriend saving photos on Instagram of other girls, the rules to being friends with your ex, the McRib?, fucking your physiotherapist, AND A WHOLE LOT MORE. ENJOY DADDIES. SEE YOU IN 2021!!!!!
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Amber Weekley

I fvcking love this podcast! I just recently found it & I'm binge watching them all!! LOVE YA DADDY ALEX!!

Jan 25th

Charlene Marie

My boyfriend has thousand if screenshot pictures of random pictures off of "teen gallery" and hes 40 i meen hes got hundreds of random pictures and has been doing this since before him and i started dating. but im okay with it we sometimes fantisize together..butbwhat gets me isnthat he gets jeliouse if i talk to a guy friend on facebook or if i post selfies and gets jeliouse when guys like my photos. i dont get it! Also whats weird is that he looks at these behind my back and would rather hide it than be open with me. Also would like to mention is that ive been dating this guy for 7 years.. uughbhhh....

Dec 27th
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105- Goodbye 2020

105- Goodbye 2020

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