DiscoverDo It With Dan107 - Joel Matthew - Innovation in Education and being of service
107 - Joel Matthew - Innovation in Education and being of service

107 - Joel Matthew - Innovation in Education and being of service

Update: 2020-10-16


What can we achieve if we just focus on being of service? Can an old-school industry still serve a modern world? How can we prepare for an uncertain future?

Welcome once again Dreamers, to the Do it with Dan Podcast! The place to truly dream with your eyes open. It's time to expand our experience with some more great discussion on the power of the mind in all things. Whether you want to manifest more wealth, emotional abundance or love in your life; this is the podcast for you.

Joining Dan this week is entrepreneur Joel Mathew to talk about his company Beyond Academics, and the exciting, innovative work they are doing in the world of academia. As with a lot of industries of late: higher education and further learning has had to turn a pretty harsh corner, with the prospect of having to prepare people for a future that may not even be there.

Joel comes to Beyond Academics with over 20 years of experience in media and technology. He spent several years working for the largest media conglomerates in the world, in both the television and radio industries, before founding his own digital-focused agency.

Joel has worked with clients ranging from new startups to billion-dollar global corporations including All-State, Nike, Acura, and top universities. His higher ed strategy has yielded record results for universities in the areas of student recruitment. In addition to his expertise in advertising and technology, Joel is also an investor and advisor to several ventures in a variety of markets including legal, cybersecurity, and publishing.

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Dan Mangena is a Transformational Life Coach, Public Speaker and Best Selling Author. This series of podcasts is completely free. They are intended to provide you with the tools you need to live your dreams and experience the abundance you desire right now!

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Timestamps of interest:

00:47 - Welcome Joel

02:25 - What Lights Joel up?

03:12 - Legacy

06:16 - Being ahead of the curve

08:12 - Not rewatching the road

10:31 - How are Joel & his partners changing the game?

12:27 - How is the education industry responding to democratised modern skill acquisition?

16:10 - How can we prepare people for a world that may not even be there in a few years time?

18:48 - What resonates with people about Joelโ€™s work?

22:40 - What have you found resistance to in the industry?

26:34 - Where can you find out more about Beyond Academics?









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107 - Joel Matthew - Innovation in Education and being of service

107 - Joel Matthew - Innovation in Education and being of service

Daniel Mangena