DiscoverCops and Writers Podcast111 Courage Under Fire! Lt. Nathan Hutchinson A True American Hero. (Part One)
111 Courage Under Fire! Lt. Nathan Hutchinson A True American Hero. (Part One)

111 Courage Under Fire! Lt. Nathan Hutchinson A True American Hero. (Part One)

Update: 2023-03-26


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Today’s show is dedicated to the memory of Agent Jared Francom EOW 01-05-12 who perished from wounds he sustained during the incident on 01-04-12. 

Thank you for joining me today for part one of a special two-part interview with a true American Hero, Lt. Nathan Hutchinson. Lt. Hutchinson is one of the most decorated police officers in American history and it was truly an honor to speak to the good lieutenant.

Lieutenant Nate Hutchinson has been a law enforcement officer with the Weber County Sheriff’s Office for 22 years. 

Prior to his promotion to lieutenant, Lieutenant Hutchinson was a sergeant assigned to the Weber-Morgan Narcotics Strike Force for five years. He supervised the long term undercover narcotics investigation team, as well as worked undercover himself. On January 4th, 2012, then Sergeant Hutchinson, along with other members of the Weber Morgan Narcotic Strike Force, served a knock-and-announce search warrant on a small marijuana grow house. During the execution of the warrant, the grow operator ambushed the team. A thirteen-minute gun battle ensued in which six members of the team were struck by gunfire, with one member, Agent Jared Francom, suffering fatal wounds. During the gunfight, Sergeant Hutchinson entered the home under fire on three separate occasions in order to drag wounded officers out of the home. During each entry into the home, Sergeant Hutchinson was shot, enduring five gunshot wounds. Sergeant Hutchinson spent the better part of a year recovering from his wounds in order to return and continue his work as a member of the Weber Morgan Narcotics Strike Force. After an additional 18 months at the Strike Force, Sergeant Hutchinson was promoted to lieutenant.  

Lieutenant Hutchinson is one of the most decorated law enforcement officers in the United States. Lieutenant Hutchinson is a recipient of the nation’s highest award for valor, The United States Presidential Medal of Valor, as well as the United States Congressional Badge of Bravery, as well as being the recipient of numerous state and local commendations.  


In today’s episode we discuss:

·      Why Nate chose law enforcement as a career. 

·      What influenced Nate to go into law enforcement?

·      How working a security job at Sears prepared him for his career in law enforcement.

·      His start in law enforcement and transfer to the Weber County Sheriff’s Office.

·      Why he became a detective. 

·      His attraction to narcotics investigations. 

·      The events that led up to the shooting on 01-04-12.

           All of this and more on today’s episode of the Cops and Writers podcast.

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111 Courage Under Fire! Lt. Nathan Hutchinson A True American Hero. (Part One)

111 Courage Under Fire! Lt. Nathan Hutchinson A True American Hero. (Part One)

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