DiscoverThe Tech Talks Daily Podcast1118: How Startups/Consumers are Driving Sustainable Packaging
1118: How Startups/Consumers are Driving Sustainable Packaging

1118: How Startups/Consumers are Driving Sustainable Packaging

Update: 2020-02-20


Recycling and the necessity for greater sustainability have been top of mind for years. As climate change continues to accelerate, many feel they are doing their part by increasing their recycling efforts, especially of plastics.

However, the uncomfortable truth is that most plastics cannot be recycled and will sit in a landfill or burned. According to the Plastic Pollution Coalition, about six times more post-consumer plastic waste is burned in the U.S. than is domestically recycled. While plastic that makes it to a landfill will stay for thousands of years and may never truly disintegrate.

The convenience afforded to us by e-commerce, globalization, and plastics is destroying the planet. Consumers are wising up and choosing brands based on their commitment to sustainability. Accenture found that more than 80% of people surveyed said they felt it was "important or extremely important" for companies to design environmentally conscious products.

As we continue into 2020, this sentiment will be the driving force behind the pledge for the adoption of sustainable packaging from large corporations. However, while it is admirable to make that pledge, are large corporations truly equipped to make the switch?

As the founder and CEO of VentureFuel, a leading innovation consultancy, Fred Schonenberg joins me on the Tech Talks Daily podcast to talk about how new innovations in sustainable packaging from startups will facilitate the move to greater adoption by large corporations. We also discuss the types technology and innovations being used to create sustainable packages

For over 15 years, Fred has introduced new formats, first-to-market opportunities and is known for his award-winning creative solutions and ability to forge strategic partnerships to grow revenue. He is a frequent speaker at industry events such as SXSW, Ad Tech, Advertising Week, IAB, OMMA, and thought-leader published in everything from The Huffington Post, Business Insider, Media Post, The Drum,, Creator Magazine, Advertising Week, Event Marketer, etc.

I also learn how VentureFuel helps established companies discover and implement new technologies that drive measurable growth. Described as "the secret weapon"​ to top corporate innovators, their "Excelerator"​ is a repeatable innovation framework that delivers consistent cutting-edge solutions with tangible results.

VentureFuel has helped over 100 established companies (Netflix, Beam Suntory, General Mills, Microsoft, Hershey's, The Chicago Cubs, etc.) discover breakthrough technologies and innovations that drove growth, competitive advantage, and tangible results such as 18.7% sales lift, over $10 million in savings and purchase intent increases of 5x.


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1118: How Startups/Consumers are Driving Sustainable Packaging

1118: How Startups/Consumers are Driving Sustainable Packaging