DiscoverChurch with Jesse Lee Peterson11/18/12 Was Jesus a Socialist? (Archive)
11/18/12 Was Jesus a Socialist? (Archive)

11/18/12 Was Jesus a Socialist? (Archive)

Update: 2021-10-27


Some Christians claim Jesus was a socialist. The world worships youth who lack wisdom. This spiritual battle starts within you.

BOND Archive Sunday Service, November 18, 2012: Jesse Lee Peterson asks: Was Jesus a socialist? If he were, why would the Bible say: If a man will not work, he shall not eat…? Free stuff is bad for you — it prevents you from crying out to God and getting better. The rich young ruler was attached to his belongings, unwilling to let them go to follow Christ. Today there are corrupt churches supporting evil.

The world is worshipping the young people who disrespect older people, and lack wisdom but don't know it. Parents are not raising children well; young women don't know how to cook. If you give to people out of learning or compulsion, you'll give in the wrong way and at the wrong time. Did Jesus feed the masses every day? No! In fact, he chided the crowds who followed him only because he fed them. There is a time to let people suffer — let them die! Look at how evil the people on Skid Row — fed every day, they get worse!

It's about us. Be born again. Have love even for your enemies — even for Obama. Pull away from the worldly things that you're attached to, so that you can look within yourself.

We don't get to read this in church, but read Jeremiah 2: 28-30, which goes as follows:
28 Where are your gods you made for yourself? Let them get up if they can save you when trouble comes! For you have as many gods as you have towns, Judah!
29 Why make out a case against me? You have all rebelled against me, Yahweh declares.
30 In vain I have struck your children, they have not accepted correction; your own sword has devoured your prophets like a marauding lion.

0:00 Sun, Nov 18, 2012
0:45 Brief news item
1:32 Was Jesus a socialist?
11:08 Don't work, don't eat
11:44 Car accidents story
14:27 Rich young ruler
17:56 I love this battle
24:02 Corrupt churches
28:14 Worshiping the youth
31:04 Women who don't cook
34:39 Disrespect for elderly
38:29 Giving from compulsion
39:41 Nobody knows Jesus
42:37 Did Jesus feed them every day?
45:29 Let them die!
49:11 It's about us. Be born again.
51:43 Crowds chased Jesus for food
53:11 Skid Row is enabled.
54:27 Look within, pull away
55:52 More socialist Jesus examples
59:37 Read Jeremiah 2: 28-30
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11/18/12 Was Jesus a Socialist? (Archive)

11/18/12 Was Jesus a Socialist? (Archive)

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