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112 - Bill Bloom of Bloom Financial

112 - Bill Bloom of Bloom Financial

Update: 2020-11-20


We are all living longer and we need to plan for our retirement. It’s not fun or cool, but if we want to continue our abundant lifestyle beyond our working life; we need to get planning NOW!

Welcome once again Dreamers, to the Do it with Dan Podcast! The place to truly dream with your eyes open. It's time to expand our experience with some more great discussion on the power of the mind in all things. Whether you want to manifest more wealth, emotional abundance or love in your life; this is the podcast for you.

In this episode of the Do It With Dan podcast, Dan has a fascinating chat with financial expert and retirement planning guru: Bill Bloom! We’d tell you all about Bill ourselves, but who better to describe what he’s all about than the man himself?!

Take it away Bill:

Here is my story. I am a husband and father. I am a writer in progress. I’ve published two books and I’m currently working on the third book to be released in 2020. The book is going to teach people how to unlearn their bad money habits and create new ones! Talking about retirement income is my most favorite topic to talk about. I am a Retirement Income Certified Professional, RICP®. I love reading books, playing and watching soccer, sailing, sailboat racing, traveling with my family, and most importantly, spending time with my wife and son.

The reason that I am in business is for my clients. Retire As You Desire™ is my motto. My clients receive personalized retirement income plans. I help individuals, couples and business owners how to create lifetime income streams from their investments. I show people techniques that may help you “Retire As You Desire™” and live the lifestyle that you have always dreamed of in retirement.

If you are thinking about the need to plan for you and your families future, please check out Bill’s website, books and workshops. He really is incredible at finding plans to suit all budgets and lifestyles, so don’t be intimidated!

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Timestamps of interest:

01:10 - Who is Bill?

02:24 - ‘Retire as you desire’

04:48 - Life after fixed income

08:40 - Where do people get stuck, living life on their own terms after retirement

11:40 - Don’t chase the buck, chase the joy!

16:53 - “The money is a byproduct of how you live your life.”

19:22 - When should we start planning for retirement?

23:38 - Bill’s tip for what you can do NOW to start planning for your retirement









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112 - Bill Bloom of Bloom Financial

112 - Bill Bloom of Bloom Financial

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