112. Quiz 2019

112. Quiz 2019

Update: 2019-12-244


For your last Allusionist of 2019, here is a quiz all about words for you to play along with as you listen. Get a pen and paper to jot down your answers, or there’s an interactive answer form all ready for you at theallusionist.org/2019quiz.

Let me know how you score in the quiz a at http://twitter.com/allusionistshow and http://facebook.com/allusionistshow.

The show will be back in January 2020. For all Allusionist episodes, extra material, transcripts, merch etc, visit http://theallusionist.org.

If you enjoyed this quiz, you can also play the 2018 quiz at theallusionist.org/2018quiz.

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112. Quiz 2019

112. Quiz 2019

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