DiscoverAttendance Bias11/2/98 @ The E Center w/Shawn Fausett
11/2/98 @ The E Center w/Shawn Fausett

11/2/98 @ The E Center w/Shawn Fausett

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Hi everybody and welcome to this week’s episode of Attendance Bias. I am your host, Brian Weinstein. Today’s we have a returning guest: Shawn Fausett of Colorado. 

Shawn previously appeared on Attendance Bias to tell his story from Phish’s show from December 6, 1996 at the Aladdin Theater in Las Vegas. He is originally from the southwest, so While discussing that legendary Las Vegas show, it casually came up that he also attended the show we are discussing today: November 2, 1998 at the E Center in Salt Lake City Utah. I almost stopped that recording immediately and wanted to pivot to talk about that show, the colloquial “Dark Side of the Moon” show. But in an instant, I thought better of it and Shawn agreed, on the spot, to come back for a 2nd episode to talk about that Dark Side show. What you’re about to hear is the result of that promise. 

While November 2, 1998 is the focus of today’s conversation, and we do our best to keep it there, there are many references to the 1996 Vegas show, the 1998 Halloween show, and even a jump or two to the Baker’s Dozen. So if you’re a casual Phish fan, you may need to do a little bit of homework to gain an understanding of the context of today’s legendary show. But before that, let’s talk about Halloween cover albums, the reputation of the Dead Goat Saloon, the loudest crowd reactions ever as Shawn Fausett tells about November 2, 1998 at The E Center in Salt Lake City.









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11/2/98 @ The E Center w/Shawn Fausett

11/2/98 @ The E Center w/Shawn Fausett

Brian Weinstein