DiscoverBeginner's Mind#113: Kimberley Miner: A Climate Change Journey from Everest to NASA
#113: Kimberley Miner: A Climate Change Journey from Everest to NASA

#113: Kimberley Miner: A Climate Change Journey from Everest to NASA

Update: 2023-07-03


In a world on the brink of climate catastrophe, one woman stands at the forefront of scientific discovery and action. "We found the highest microplastics in the world on Mount Everest, a sad Guinness World Record to hold," reveals Dr. Kimberley R. Miner in this gripping episode.

Dr. Miner is a Climate Scientist and Program Manager at the NASA Jet Propulsion Lab, a Guinness World Record holder, and an adventurer who has braved the extreme environments of the North Pole, Antarctica, and Mt. Everest. Her groundbreaking research on climate risks has garnered international recognition, with features in the BBC, NYT, and GQ.

This episode takes you on a journey from the icy slopes of Everest to the cutting-edge labs of NASA. It delves into the pressing issues of climate change, the surprising discovery of microplastics at extreme altitudes, the role of art in science communication, and the importance of diverse perspectives in tackling global challenges. It also offers a sneak peek into Kimberley's upcoming book on how younger generations can plan for climate change.

This is a riveting exploration of our planet's most pressing issue, through the eyes of a scientist who has literally seen it from top to bottom. A must-listen for those seeking to understand the real-world implications of climate change and the solutions that science and innovation can offer.

Christian Soschner:
Today’s speaker is Kimberley R. Miner:

πŸ“– Memorable Quotes:
(00:07:00 ) "We're changing Earth's dynamics faster than ever before."
(00:15:36 ) "We can create a healthier, more natural planet with advanced tools."
(00:24:15 ) "Forecasting changes due to climate change is a monumental task."
(00:40:39 ) "Stop releasing carbon, dedicate land to wilderness, and engage in conversations about our planet's reality."

⏰ Timestamps:
(0:00 ) Kickoff
(4:53 ) Current Status of Climate Change: A Global Perspective
(8:22 ) The Sixth Mass Extinction: Biodiversity Loss and Ecosystem Collapse
(11:11 ) Unveiling the Power of Emit: NASA's Methane Tracker
(16:07 ) The Journey to Becoming a Climate Scientist at NASA
(21:03 ) The Arctic Methane Challenge: A Collaborative Effort
(22:22 ) Unraveling the Climate Crisis - Microbes, Methane and Melting Permafrost
(25:29 ) The Immediacy of Climate Change - A Matter of Decades
(29:43 ) The Invisible Threat - Toxic Chemicals in a Changing Climate
(33:30 ) Unveiling the Highest Microplastics on Mount Everest
(36:30 ) The Top Three Actions to Combat Climate Change
(42:47 ) The Role of Biodiversity in Addressing Climate Crisis

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#113: Kimberley Miner: A Climate Change Journey from Everest to NASA

#113: Kimberley Miner: A Climate Change Journey from Everest to NASA

Christian Soschner