DiscoverCloudSkills.fm113: Soft Skills with Jason Alba
113: Soft Skills with Jason Alba

113: Soft Skills with Jason Alba

Update: 2021-03-30


Today’s subject is very important but often overlooked - polishing your soft skills. It can be so easy to focus on technical skills and forget about things like leadership, communication, and listening. But we absolutely need these skills for a strong career, too. Mike has Jason Alba on the podcast to discuss why you need these skills and how to build them. Jason has been in IT a long time and is also an expert on soft skills. He blogs, writes books, and authors courses on Pluralsight about professional development.

In this episode, we talk about…

  • Why soft skills are so important.
  • Jason’s courses on subjects like leadership, listening, emotional intelligence, and more.
  • How more intentional communication and better empathy can help you build relationships and advance your career.
  • How these skills will benefit you even if you have no interest in moving into management or if you fall into the stereotypical category of the tech person who doesn’t like talking to other people.
  • Tips to help you get started improving these soft skills right now.
  • Jason’s career journey and how he got started with Pluralsight.
  • The importance of long-term thinking in your career - we can’t have things right away.

Links to resources:

Jason Alba: Twitter | LinkedIn

Jason’s Courses on Pluralsight

Jason’s job search CRM,

Mike Pfeiffer: Twitter

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113: Soft Skills with Jason Alba

113: Soft Skills with Jason Alba

Jason Alba, Mike Pfeiffer