DiscoverFather Hoods#114: Hell Raisers
#114: Hell Raisers

#114: Hell Raisers

Update: 2020-11-03


DJ EFN tells us the latest in how he and his lady are dealing with the jealousy his daughter is feeling toward their newborn son. We also talk about something all parents are struggling with and that is being able to pay full attention when our kids are trying to engage with us. 

Manny speaks on a recent experience where he did the difficult thing and ignored his personal devices while taking his kids on a walk. 

Spending sufficient time with our kids, while doing what we have to do to get the BAG... HOW SWAY?!?! We discuss our struggles.

Tune in and hear about...

🎤 DJ EF's daughter giving him the death stare

🎤 What some of the most successful people do to make the most of their days

🎤 The excuses we Dads end up using that make us feel less of a hustler than our peers

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#114: Hell Raisers

#114: Hell Raisers

DJ EFN, KGB and Manny Digital