DiscoverYoung and Profiting with Hala Taha#118: Never Give Up with Amberly Lago
#118: Never Give Up with Amberly Lago

#118: Never Give Up with Amberly Lago

Update: 2021-06-147


Regardless of the situation, always have true grit and grace!

In this episode, we are chatting with Amberly Lago, best-selling author, speaker, podcast host, and health coach. She started her speaking career after her life was deeply altered and her world was completely changed in May 2010. While riding her motorcycle in Woodland Hills, CA, she was hit by an SUV and thrown thirty feet down a busy street. Her right leg took the brunt of the impact and was crushed almost beyond repair.

Despite an incredibly difficult recovery process, being a former professional dancer, athlete, and fitness trainer, she was determined to not only save her leg, but her career, her dreams, and her dignity. After a lengthy hospital stay and 34 surgeries, doctors were able to fuse her leg together and repair her severed femoral artery despite the one percent odds of saving it and the initial recommendation to amputate. Her life experience and the proven strategies she has created to understand and maximize resilience resonate with companies whose core values include perseverance, grit, passion, and team building. And for audiences living with chronic pain (like her from CRPS) she delivers a powerful message of hope and offers solutions at conferences, workshops, and clinics.

In today’s episode, we discuss Amberly’s upbringing, how she survived abuse as a child, the importance of forgiveness, and how to most past self-pity. We also dive deeper into the repercussions of her car accident, how to pace (not push) yourself through pain, and how Amberly starts her days off with reminders of gratitude. Amberly’s story is incredibly powerful and inspiring - you won’t want to miss this episode!


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01:11 - How Tough Love Shaped Amberly in Her Childhood

06:08 - How Amberly Survived Sexual Abuse

15:48 - Amberly’s Take on Forgiveness 

19:39 - The Way Amberly Moved Past Self-Pity

24:49 - Amberly’s Adult Life as a Single Mom and Her Accident

34:15 - How Amberly Deals with Chronic Pain and How to Sensitive

43:08 - Where Amberly Got Her ‘Grace’ From

47:51 - The Way Amberly Starts Her Day 

51:40 - How to Pace Yourself Through Pain

59:05 - Amberly’s Career Evolution

1:09:52 - Amberly’s Secret to Profiting in Life


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#118: Never Give Up with Amberly Lago

#118: Never Give Up with Amberly Lago

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