DiscoverMind Pump: Raw Fitness Truth1190: 3 Ways to Transform a Skinny Fat Body
1190: 3 Ways to Transform a Skinny Fat Body

1190: 3 Ways to Transform a Skinny Fat Body

Update: 2019-12-238


In this episode, Sal, Adam and Justin go into detail how to transform an unhealthy "skinny fat" body.

  • The growing epidemic of the ‘skinny fat’ population. (1:55)
  • What are the characteristics of a ‘skinny fat’ person? (4:50)
  • What is visceral fat and how does it impact the body? (6:45)
  • The different types of ‘skinny fat’ people. (12:30)
  • What is their greatest hurdle? (15:10)
  • Strength is an indicator of health. (17:13)
  • 3 Ways to Transform a Skinny Fat Body.
    • #1 – Getting stronger and building muscle through resistance training. (18:20)
    • #2 – Eating more protein. (26:20)
    • #3 – Sleep and stress management. (37:29)

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Lynsey Schrader

please help me. I took your advice because you am skinny fat so I started eating more healthy. I was 125 lbs on most days usually 120- 125. but no muscle. I started going to the gym 3x a week doing athenx 3 day full body workout. now I'm seeing incredible results but my mid section is getting bigger. it was flat and you could see my abs before now I have a pooch. my legs and arms are stronger I've put on weight and lost alot of fat in my arms and legs but what the fuck is going on with my stomach. I'm supposed to be getting leaner and stronger and more cut. my diet consists of eggs and wheat toast for breakfast then a 30g protein and around 1030. I take creatine and lots of supplements. I do the vacuum about workout and several others but I feel like I'm getting fatter. the scale says 141. wtf!!!! I rat lots of chicken vegetables and little fruit unless in a smoothie. my smoothie consists of spinach avocado bananas blueberries and strawberries and sometimes chia seeds. I eat lots of low carb foods and high protein and some fats but I'm not fucking happy. I'm getting fatter not leaner and the astestics I'm wanting is not happening . please fucking help me!!! before I go back to starving myself and lose this weight. thank you. you guys are awesome. it would be great if you could do a segment on this. I listen to everyone of your episodes and love you guys I I just really need your help before I regress. thank you for all the great information

Feb 18th
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1190: 3 Ways to Transform a Skinny Fat Body

1190: 3 Ways to Transform a Skinny Fat Body