DiscoverExponential Africa#12 Parenting + Life Long Learning
#12 Parenting + Life Long Learning

#12 Parenting + Life Long Learning

Update: 2021-02-25


This conversation will focus on Parenting and Life Long learning. The future of our success as humanity lies in a great education. Most parents want their kids to grow up so that they are successful and can make a positive impact in the world. However, it’s not clear on the way forward as a parent especially because of the pandemic. Is it better to homeschool or make sure they are in a school or university that is more project-based or that focuses on building human potential rather than grades? How can we educate the youth to develop the right skills needed for the future and what are those skills? How do teachers need to adapt to more of a remote working environment? 

The pace of change keeps accelerating and what we learn today becomes irrelevant tomorrow. How do we build a culture of life-long learning so that we remain curious and motivated to constantly keep learning new skills and tools? 

Exponential technologies like artificial intelligence, robotics, 3d printing and networks
and sensors have become widely more available to amplify and enhance learning in
much more empathetic, immersive, and experiential ways. How is this impacting education?


Dr Esther Wojcicki - SingularityU Faculty for Education. Esther's primary focus is to help parents, teachers and managers be more effective at home, in the classroom, and in the corporate world! Esther holds three honorary doctorates and is the best selling author of "How to Raise Successful People".

Fred Swaniker - Deeply passionate about Africa and believes that the missing ingredient on the continent is good leadership. In line with this, he has founded two organizations that aim to catalyze a new generation of ethical, entrepreneurial African leaders: African Leadership Academy and the African Leadership Network.









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#12 Parenting + Life Long Learning

#12 Parenting + Life Long Learning

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