DiscoverSave The Parents Podcast12. Are You Scared, Bro?
12. Are You Scared, Bro?

12. Are You Scared, Bro?

Update: 2018-08-17


Fear is a powerful emotion that governs much more attention, action and motivation than we think. Buried deep in our desire for tribal belonging and species survival, the human response to fear often impacts us subliminally and over time can cause all kinds of more severe impacts.

Within our developed society, fear manifests in many ways - from sales pitches inspiring product consumption to news media sources vying for your attention - and this same fear has a way of cascading generations.

As parents, we feel this constantly - both in our own fear for our kids' welfare, and in the societal perceptions and laws that have been built as a reaction to this fear. How we engage with our kids, and what perception of the world we encourage is largely determined on how we, and they, perceive these fear sources.

Whether it's new kids at the park, changes to their routines, or knowing how to govern themselves in new environments - these situations, emotional drivers and perceptions for governance permeate daily encounters; eventually, these perceptions will set the barriers for cognitive dissonance that will reinforce their thinking for the rest of their lives.

What we do about all this is quite tricky. But recognizing the fear and its implications is the first step. Stemming from our blog post ( about fear, this podcast will flush out some of the bigger issues surrounding Fear. You scared, bro? We're not.... well maybe a little bit.

The Save the Parents podcast is a podcast by & for parents who appreciate cynicism, skepticism, humourous and explicit podcasts. We unpack tricky issues, relate them to our own experiences. Spoken over our kitchen table, Adam & Jenny Thuen share their views, beliefs and comments to help you and other parents rise to the challenge of raising responsible kids amid today's societal challenges. Questions or comments? We would love to hear them. Check out our Patreon page at to share. Thanks for listening!








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12. Are You Scared, Bro?

12. Are You Scared, Bro?

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