120: Murder

120: Murder

Update: 2021-07-22


“There has been a lot of murder and a lot of intrigue. My little heart can barely take it no more."

There’s been a murder in Savannah! This week we play a game of Belles, Bourbon & Bullets, dedicating this episode to Season 6’s ‘Murder’, Sean’s all-time favorite episode. We talk about what makes this episode unique within the show, while also going through all of the Tube Cities, evidence based on puns, and Voodoo Mama Jujus that make it so distinct. Then in the Conference Room we answer a great listener question about which Office character we’d like to have as a guest on our podcast, followed by an Ordinary Things segment about games we used as distractions during stressful times. And then of course we close with another round of trivia.

There will be food. You leave, you do not get food. What kind of food? Sandwich platters, baby carrots.

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120: Murder

120: Murder

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