DiscoverYoung and Profiting with Hala Taha#120: Storytelling for Business with Donald Miller
#120: Storytelling for Business with Donald Miller

#120: Storytelling for Business with Donald Miller

Update: 2021-06-287


Storytelling Made Simple!


In today’s episode, we are talking with Donald Miller, best-selling author, CEO, and podcast host. Donald is the CEO of Business Made Simple, an online platform that teaches business professionals everything they need to know to grow a business and enhance their personal value on the open market. He is also the host of the Business Made Simple Podcast and is the author of several books including the bestseller "Building a StoryBrand."


Donald is widely considered one of the most entertaining and informative speakers in the world. His audiences are challenged to lean into their own story, creatively develop and execute the story of their team, and understand the story of their customers so they can serve them with passion. Don's thoughts on story have deeply influenced leaders and teams for Pantene, Ford/Lincoln, Zaxby's, Chick-fil-A, Steelcase, Intel, Prime Lending and thousands more.


In this episode, we discuss Donald’s upbringing without a father figure, the power of storytelling, and why you should always aim to tell stories. We’ll also talk about the seven steps that happen in every story, the best call-to-actions, how customer testimonials can be important, and how to use storytelling in your social media.


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01:05 - What Donald Was Like As A Child

04:19 -The Importance of Mentors

07:49 - Why Stories Are So Powerful

11:25 - Importance of Messaging Being Concise

16:05 - The Explanation of Story Loops

19:02 - Why You Need to Continuously Solve Problems

21:45 - Where the CEO Fits Within the Face of The Brand

27:04 - The Seven Steps That Happen in Every Story

31:25 - Details on How To Use the Seven Steps

32:44 - Best Call-To-Actions

35:49 - The Principle of Pricing in Storytelling

38:17 - Real Examples of 7 Soundbites

44:28 - Why Customer Testimonials Are So Impactful

45:43 - How Brand Elements Can Pass The ‘Grunt’ Test

51:11 - Best Practices for Storytelling in Social Media

52:28 - The Comparison of Business to An Airplane

59:13 - Donald’s Secret to Profiting in Life 


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#120: Storytelling for Business with Donald Miller

#120: Storytelling for Business with Donald Miller

Hala Taha