DiscoverBreathin' Air: Everyday Action, Extraordinary Mindset#120 Actualizing Your True Potential ~ Dr. Daniel Harner
#120 Actualizing Your True Potential ~ Dr. Daniel Harner

#120 Actualizing Your True Potential ~ Dr. Daniel Harner

Update: 2022-12-15


Some people call Dr. Daniel Harner a psycho-spiritual mentor, therapist, healer, spiritual guide, wizard, Carl Jung 2.0, researcher and explorer. The truth is, he is a blend of all of that. He is originally from Austria but transplanted himself to Sedona, Arizona at the age of 24 in order to deeply immerse himself in the study and practice of psychotherapy and psycho-spiritual transformation and healing, alongside some of the world's most esteemed psychotherapists, spiritual teachers, researchers, and healers. For him, there is no greater passion and satisfaction but to be unceasingly immersed in transformation and the realization of Truth, Beauty and Love. Daniel's services are available to those who feel a burning desire and calling in their Soul go on a journey to return to Home within--to reunite with the Source of Love.

His formal education consists of several psychology degrees: a Bachelor and Master of Science degree in Psychology, a Master of Arts degree in Counseling Psychology, and a doctorate in Clinical Psychology. Daniel studied with Dr. David R.  Hawkins from 2006-2012, researching the interplay of psychology and  non-duality and worked with Dr. Wiliam A. Tiller, the founder of  psycho-energetic science from 2012-2017, exploring the frontiers of  psychology, new-physics, and the healing arts. Daniel was personally mentored and psycho-analyzed by Dr. Nathan  Schwart-Salant, the most brilliant Jungian Analyst since Carl Jung.  Daniel has been coached and mentored by the Ultimate Coach Steve  Hardison since 2017.

Aside from his one-on-one work with clients, Daniel is also an active independent researcher and author in the field of consciousness-based medicine and psychology.

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#120 Actualizing Your True Potential ~ Dr. Daniel Harner

#120 Actualizing Your True Potential ~ Dr. Daniel Harner

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