DiscoverLevel Up with Kimberly Lovi#120. Women's Success, Youth Sports & Overcoming Scarcity Mindset with Dr. Karen Part II
#120. Women's Success, Youth Sports & Overcoming Scarcity Mindset with Dr. Karen Part II

#120. Women's Success, Youth Sports & Overcoming Scarcity Mindset with Dr. Karen Part II

Update: 2024-04-29


Episode #120:  We unpack the complex topic of fear of success, particularly from the perspective of women. We reflect on the influence of family and culture on our views of success, and how women face unique challenges in balancing career strides with motherhood. The conversation acknowledges the difficulties women often encounter in finding supportive partnerships with other successful women, as opposed to competitiveness and envy. We consider why women may not collaborate as naturally as men, proposing that the novelty of women's roles in leadership could lead to a protective instinct over their positions. We also recognize the importance of women supporting one another, the significance of female mentorship, and the societal progress made since the Women's Liberation movement, all while understanding there's still a long way to go in achieving true equality and camaraderie in the workplace.

We explore the societal judgments faced by stay-at-home moms versus working moms, drawing from personal experiences of trying out both roles. I share insights about the unexpected challenges and loneliness of being a stay-at-home parent, despite the common misconception that it's a luxurious and easy lifestyle. We discuss the importance of support systems, such as having family help or a cleaning service, to manage the relentless demands of home life, highlighting that parenting is not a job meant for one person. Additionally, we touch on the evolving role of fathers in child-rearing, the potential benefits of a four-day workweek, and the positive impact involved fathers can have on their children's confidence. The conversation also addresses the pressures of competitive sports on children and the impact it can have on the entire family, questioning the balance between competition and enjoyment in youth activities.
Dr. Karen and Kimberly examin the concept of an internal self-image temperature and how personal growth can challenge this set point, leading to discomfort and potential self-sabotage. I share my personal journey from a modest upbringing to taking the risk of investing in a startup, highlighting the internal conflict between the security of a steady job and the aspirations of creating impactful change. We discuss the importance of confronting these changes and the accompanying sense of loss, while also embracing the growth that comes with stepping into uncharted territory. Throughout the conversation, we emphasize the value of taking calculated risks to live life fully and authentically, with the ultimate goal of encouraging listeners to be the best versions of themselves and make a meaningful impact in the world.
This segment features an engaging conversation with an esteemed guest, celebrated for both their professional prowess in athletics and their remarkable character. We explore their experiences and the enjoyment they've had participating in this discussion, reflecting on the fun and the deep connection made during our time together. Our guest expresses a willingness to return, which is met with enthusiasm and an offer to make accommodations for a future visit. I express gratitude for the guest's time and valuable insights, acknowledging their expertise in various areas and their status as a top athlete. The guest reciprocates with appreciation for the platform and the opportunity to contribute to our ongoing journey.

Episode Highlights:

  • Women in New Roles Finding Place 
  • Parenting and Youth Sports Challenges 
  • Navigating Change and Scarcity Mindset 
  • Navigating Uncharted Entrepreneurial Waters 
  • Maintaining a State of Improvement 

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#120. Women's Success, Youth Sports & Overcoming Scarcity Mindset with Dr. Karen Part II

#120. Women's Success, Youth Sports & Overcoming Scarcity Mindset with Dr. Karen Part II

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