DiscoverShe's Bold with Beth Whitman121 ~ Sabrina Seher on Staying Fit During a Pandemic
121 ~ Sabrina Seher on Staying Fit During a Pandemic

121 ~ Sabrina Seher on Staying Fit During a Pandemic

Update: 2020-03-31


** If you find yourself struggling and need something to lift you up, the Be Bold Facebook group (for ladies only) has been a wonderful way for us to encourage each other. Normally we post the things we’re doing to Be Bold but over the past few weeks, we’ve been posting each day the things that we’re doing to stay happy and healthy right now.

There are some great ideas that others have shared so please join us!


I’m going to be doing something a little different for the foreseeable future.

As you likely know, I have only ever recorded with my guests in-person. We sit down and chat for in-depth, long-form conversations. But, obviously, that’s just not possible right now.

And although I do have a number of these conversations already recorded and ready to go, they just didn’t seem appropriate to release right now. So I’ve decided to pivot a little bit and I’m sitting down (and by that I mean I’m sitting down at my laptop over Zoom) and recording with women who have knowledge and experience in certain fields that can help us through this rough time.

The first episode in this new format is with Sabrina Seher. You might remember Sabrina from episode 43. Sabrina is a runner, a race director and a coach and mentor to many many people. She’s a really positive force and is someone who not only leads by example but has the ability to virtually kick your butt to get up off the couch.

I wanted to chat with her about the techniques she’s using to encourage her community to stay motivated during this very trying time. I know it’s not easy! To stay motivated. So we all have to work together to lift each other up.

One side note--the audio quality on this is not what you might be used to. We’re recording using Zoom right now. I’m checking into some other options but bear with me as I figure out the technical side of this.

With that, please enjoy this conversation with Sabrina Seher.


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Sabrina Seher (episode #43 of She's Bold)

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121 ~ Sabrina Seher on Staying Fit During a Pandemic

121 ~ Sabrina Seher on Staying Fit During a Pandemic

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