DiscoverThe Tech Talks Daily Podcast1210: Kin + Carta - Designing With Empathy
1210: Kin + Carta - Designing With Empathy

1210: Kin + Carta - Designing With Empathy

Update: 2020-05-18


In the real world, you don’t need big promises about transformation, or the endless “exploratories” that accompany them. You need progress. Transformation isn’t a process or a product. It’s an outcome - the result of a thousand steps in the same direction.

Progress is what makes transformation possible. By combining deep industry expertise, data-intelligence, world-class engineering, and seamless delivery, we’re setting out to prove why it’s time for a new approach to making progress.

Kevin Mar-Molinero, director of experience technology at Kin + Carta Connect, joins me on Tech Talks Daily. He’s got a deep interest in accessibility and inclusive design, with a personal passion and story behind it. He explains the potential that the ‘purple pound,’ which is worth over £249bn, presents.

Kevin shares why he is so passionate about designing with empathy when it comes to digital transformation and is well-versed on what’s not currently happening - and what needs to happen - to engage with a part of the community that’s sizeable, but often overlooked.

Kevin believes that in a society where our differences are increasingly recognized and celebrated - not to mention a society that is getting older - it is vital from both an economic and ethical perspective that we respond to the changing design priorities that come with this.

Kevin provides expert insight into the problems with accessibility legislation regarding digital design and why so many brands do the bare minimum, reacting rather than leading. We also discuss what they’re missing out on as a result, in attracting revenue, innovation and diverse staffing.

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1210: Kin + Carta - Designing With Empathy

1210: Kin + Carta - Designing With Empathy