122: Basketball

122: Basketball

Update: 2021-08-05


"Who am I? Am I Michael Scott? I don’t know… I might just be a basketball machine. What’s Dunder Mifflin? I’ve never heard of it. Filing? Paperwork? Who cares? Possible downsizing? Um… well, that’s probably gonna happen, actually."

The hand strikes and gives a flower—this episode is all about ‘Basketball’! With our friend and co-host Sean traveling, Alex and Edwin take a look at an all-time classic from season 1 that pits the office staff against the warehouse workers to see who’s going to work on Saturday. We talk about the ideal starting 5 for the office staff, how the warehouse team should utilize Lonny in the low post, and how characters like Gabe and Andy would fare in a similar game. After Michael stops the game because of a foul, we head to the Conference Room where we discuss a theory about Jan and take listener voicemails about mistakes we made, character impressions, and more!

"We’re going to the outlet mall on Saturday, so if you want to save big on brand names, and Roy has to work, which he will, because we’re also competitive, you should feel free to come along."

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122: Basketball

122: Basketball

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