DiscoverBicara Supply Chain123. Rethinking digital planning roadmaps
123. Rethinking digital planning roadmaps

123. Rethinking digital planning roadmaps

Update: 2021-02-11


Guest Name: Peter Schram, Advisor (ex-Gartner analyst)  Language: English, Publication date:  Feb, 11. 2021

Peter Schram works as an independent adviser at Breakthrough advisory, a firm he recently founded. Breakthrough advisory helps organizations deliver business results by unlocking the full potential of operational, tactical, and strategic planning. It provides best in class insights for solving planning issue based on deep expertise and external insights. 

Until April 2020, Mr. Schram worked as a Senior research director in the Gartner supply chain research group. Mr. Schram's research areas focused on sales and operations planning, demand, supply, and inventory planning. He specialized in S&OP transformation programs and event-driven demand management. At Gartner, he worked with > 300 organizations across multiple industries to improve their supply chain maturity. Prior to joining Gartner in 2018,  he has worked for Philips/Signify, Paccar/DAF Trucks, and IG&H consulting. 

Some of the highlights from the podcast:

  1. What are your observations on the current journey of supply chain planning digital transformation? What is the current state of digital planning?

  2. In the context of the Covid19 pandemic where organizations have to adopt a new norm. How is that impacting digital planning transformations?

  3. What advice can you provide to the CEO  and top leaders' position in driving the transformation? In other words, what are the top priorities, and what is the role of leadership in the journey?

  4. Some other key takeaways.

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123. Rethinking digital planning roadmaps

123. Rethinking digital planning roadmaps

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