DiscoverMurder With My Husband124. Jacquelyn Smith - The Baltimore Murder
124. Jacquelyn Smith - The Baltimore Murder

124. Jacquelyn Smith - The Baltimore Murder

Update: 2022-08-084


On this episode of MWMH, Payton and Garrett talk about the murder of Jacquelyn Smith.


Case Sources:, “Father and daughter who allegedly blamed panhandlers for his wife’s killing extradited back to Baltimore to face murder charges,” by Bill Hutchinson, March 21, 2019, “An ‘elaborate cover-up’ unravels: Jury finds Keith Smith guilty of murdering his wife, blaming panhandlers,” by Tim Prudente, December 9, 2021, “Keith Smith’s trial today on the high-profile murder of his wife has been postponed,” by Leah Crawley & Brandi Proctor, October 7, 2019, “Daughter of Keith Smith takes stand, says she saw her father stab Jacquelyn,” by Alexa Ashwell, December 7, 2021, “Maryland Man Sentenced to Prison for ‘Cowardly’ Murder of Wife, ‘Elaborate’ Fake Panhandler ‘Hoax,’” by Jerry Lambe, February 28, 2022, “Woman Sentenced to Prison for Helping ‘Cowardly’ Father Cover Up ‘Horrific’ Murder of Her Stepmom,” by Alberto Luperon, December 14, 2021, “Maryland Woman’s Family Who ‘Staged Killing’ and Blamed Death on Panhandler Arrested Near Mexico Border: Police,” by Jason Murdock, March 4, 2019, “Trial Begins for Maryland Man Who Claimed Panhandler Killed Wife,” by Associated Press, December 4, 2021, “Charging docs: Keith Smith approached brother about killing wife,” by Vanessa Herring, March 9, 2019, “Keith Smith sentenced after killing wife, blaming her death on panhandlers,” by David Collins, February 28, 2022, “Prosecutor provides possible motive in Keith Smith trial; 2 jurors dismissed,” by David Collins, December 2, 2021, “Jury in Keith Smith murder trial to continue deliberations Thursday,” by Abby Isaacs, December 8, 2021, “Providence native stabbed to death in Baltimore remembered by her family as smart, driven,” by Steph Machado, December 6, 2018, “Murder Trial Begins for Keith Smith, Man Who Claimed Baltimore Panhandler Killed His Wife,” by CBS Baltimore, December 1, 2021, “Jury Shown Graphic Images In Murder Trial For Keith Smith, Who Blamed Panhandler for Wife’s Death,” by CBS Baltimore, December 2, 2021, “Valeria Smith Sentenced To Prison Time In Connection With Stepmother’s Murder,” by CBS Baltimore, December 13, 2021, “Keith Smith Receives Life Sentence for Wife’s 2018 Murder,” by CBS Baltimore, February 28, 2022, “Woman’s Family Said Panhandler Killed Her, Now Husband & Daughter Charged With Murder,” by Catherine Townsend, March 4, 2019, WMAR News, “Family Never Had a Doubt Murder Story Was a Lie, Jacquelyn Smith’s family never believed murder story,” March 4, 2019, “Jacquelyn Anne Smith,” Obituary., “Maryland Dad Sentenced To Life For Murder Of Wife That He Tried To Blame On Panhandler,” by Dorian Geiger, March 1, 2022, “Jacquelyn Smith murder: Sons want her husband blocked from her finances as he is now a suspect,” by Kia Morgan-Smith, March 21, 2019, “Keith & Valeria Smith: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know”

Arrest Warrant for Keith Tyrone Smith, District Court of Maryland for Baltimore City, dated March 3, 2019

Assisted research and writing by Diane Birnholz





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Panhandlers don’t kill just  The squeezy Boy kill there’s been quite a few chilling by them down this way Baltimore is not a safe city Black people are just killing everybody Healing card bad down here don’t come to Baltimore unless you have suicidal thoughts

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124. Jacquelyn Smith - The Baltimore Murder

124. Jacquelyn Smith - The Baltimore Murder