125: Email Surveillance (Superfan Cut)

125: Email Surveillance (Superfan Cut)

Update: 2021-08-27


"It’s true. I’m having a party. I’ve got three cases of imported beer, a karaoke machine, and I didn’t invite Michael. So three ingredients for a great party."

If you have a lot of sensitive emails, they should be deleted immediately, because this week we’re talking about Email Surveillance! Join us for a late-in-the-evening recording where we take a deep into this episode from season 2, in part to highlight the way the documentary crew interacts with the staff and how Angela and Dwight first come together. And of course we talk about all of the improv games, party e-vitations, and karaoke duets that make up this episode. Then we head to the Conference Room where we discuss a unique way to think about female characters in The Office and other sitcoms before closing with some additional suggestions for FMK (Friend, Marry, Kill).

We gotta erase a lot of stuff. A lot. of. stuff. 

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125: Email Surveillance (Superfan Cut)

125: Email Surveillance (Superfan Cut)

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