DiscoverShe's Bold with Beth Whitman125 ~ Dealing with Travel During a Pandemic
125 ~ Dealing with Travel During a Pandemic

125 ~ Dealing with Travel During a Pandemic

Update: 2020-05-07


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I’ve got a special treat for you this week. It’s neither my usual long form conversation, nor my temporary method of recording remotely during a pandemic conversation. This is a group Zoom call that I did with some of my tour people. These are folks who have either been on a tour with me or are scheduled to be on a tour in the future.

I wanted to make myself available to them to answer any questions that they might have either about WanderTours as a company, about upcoming tours and then just about travel in general.

There were nearly 40 of us and we spent more than an hour and a half on this Zoom call.

What I did for this podcast episode was extract some of the Q&A’s and kind of stitch them together. It’s a combination of questions that had been sent to me in advance and also questions that came up spontaneously from people on the call.

So you’re going to hear some back and forth dialogue here as well as some resources and information that come directly from the community.

One thing that you might notice when you listen to this is that there are just as many things that I don’t know compared to what I do know right now. And that is really just the nature of what’s going on in the world right now.

But I think the value here is in the questions that people are asking because you might be asking the same ones. And they include questions about the future of travel, flights and if tour companies, hotels and activities are going to be able to weather this crisis as well as lots of questions about travel insurance.

And for reference, this was recorded on April 23.

I held a second Zoom call this past week, also with past and current tour people, which I may also post in a few weeks. But if YOU are interested in getting on a Zoom call with me, I am going to schedule one that will be more for my community at large—so you don’t have to have taken a tour with me to be included on that one. Just send me a note at and let me know you’re interested and I’ll get you the details for that.

Please enjoy this Q&A episode that is all about travel.


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125 ~ Dealing with Travel During a Pandemic

125 ~ Dealing with Travel During a Pandemic

Beth Whitman