127: Michael in New York

127: Michael in New York

Update: 2021-09-09


“I would love to live in New York someday. It’s a big dream of mine. Work for corporate, with Jan. It’d be awesome. Go to Broadway shows, eat hot dogs. Scranton is great, but New York, is like Scranton on acid, no on speed, no on steroids.”

Michael in New York? Oh, he owns that city. Fuggedaboutit! With Edwin visiting there, this week’s episode is dedicated to Michael Scott in the city so nice they named it twice (Manhattan is the other name). We talk about what New York means to Michael and the show, going through all of the limousine rides, fake Tina Feys, and MISSterious suits that make up those moments. Then we head to the Conference Room for a meme-inspired game before wrapping up with some trivia! 

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127: Michael in New York

127: Michael in New York

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