DiscoverAmigosPC128 Brandon Black as Featured on Funny AF
128 Brandon Black as Featured on Funny AF

128 Brandon Black as Featured on Funny AF

Update: 2021-03-26


Today, join Scott and Mark with this episode's guest, Brandon Black, as they talk about comedy, how he got started, and his whole thing going forward as a comedian. When it comes to writing his material, Brandon opens up about how he prefers to just go for whatever subject possible, even if that could include anything that hits close to home. Anything for the laughs.Because of the pandemic, many industries were hit and were forced to adjust – including live comedy shows. For Brandon, restricting live events and resorting to online shows has been a real challenge. Far different from the experience people get from live comedy stand-ups, for him, any online show could lack the energy and connection comedians feed off from their live audience.As you get deeper into the randomness, listen as Brandon and your hosts talk more about the whole Funny AF experience, the etiquette needed in live shows, cryptocurrency and mining, Apple products, and so much more crazy theories and stuff!About Brandon Black:Brandon Black is the unofficial-official #HoodHumor king reigning straight out of Los Angeles, who continues to sell out The Hollywood Improv, and he is next to shine on the REVOLT Studios stage. Quickly making a name for himself, Black has garnered online and onstage attention as one of the city's best performers. Brandon Black is an L.A. native-born and raised near Florence and Normandie in the city's South Central section. He first realized he was funny while roasting classmates during lunch at Westchester High School.Even though he was a natural comedian, he was focused on music. He didn't pursue stand-up comedy until many years later after running into a friend outside a club who encouraged him to do an open mic. Some of his influences are the late Richard Pryor, Bernie Mac, and Patrice O'Neal. Other influences include Dave Chapelle and Mike Epps.Outline of the episode:•[05:55 ] The pandemic made me do online shows.•[07:54 ] On upcoming shows and projects.•[11:10 ]The story of being a Big Black Sign.•[12:38 ]Experiencing Funny AF.•[17:20 ]Is personal life a sensitive subject source for comedy material?•[20:12 ]On meeting Warren G.•[25:13 ]Thoughts on how to enjoy live events; Live show etiquette.•[29:38 ]What Apple doesn't allow you to do.•[35:21 ] The better pick/brand for mining.•[45:28 ]Theories theories theories; Should we shelve this episode?•[50:37 ]What could be going around in prisons.•[57:55 ]Trash Talk Segment; Brandon's last google search.Resources:Facebook: The Brandon Black Show on: out Offical AmigosPC Merch at: AmigosPC on:Website: to the AmigosPC podcast on the following platforms:








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128 Brandon Black as Featured on Funny AF

128 Brandon Black as Featured on Funny AF