DiscoverAround the Galaxy129. Catrina Dennis: Something for Everyone
129. Catrina Dennis: Something for Everyone

129. Catrina Dennis: Something for Everyone

Update: 2021-08-17


Catrina Dennis is a writer, host, actress, producer and game designer based in Los Angeles. She has hosted and featured on networks like Syfy and NBC, worked with storytelling legends such as Stan Lee, fashioned otherworldly comic book stories on LINE Webtoons, served as crew on numerous productions, and used her passion for storytelling to create progressive and positive spaces within her various shared communities. (continued below the links)


Born in Miami, Florida, Catrina is a first-generation American on her father's side and is the granddaughter of published Chilean poet Eduardo Dennis. She began writing at an early age, publishing everything from fan fiction to 'zines to spec scripts, until the dam broke when she was given her first laptop and she began making short films & radio shows on her own.

After graduating from high school, Catrina spent time in Orlando, FL during college and began competing in amateur film competitions with homemade shorts. She would move on to finish school while living in Brooklyn, NY before her passion for storytelling and pop culture ultimately led her to Los Angeles.

There, Catrina began working within entertainment media as a host for various popular YouTube channels and taking on small on-camera roles in music videos, including a feature in Never Let This Go's "Right Now" music video, produced for Stan Lee's World of Heroes.

Catrina has featured as a pop culture expert on the Syfy channel's Krypton Behind-The-Scenes Specials, Black Series Rebels' Live Special, and Geek&Sundry's Wednesday Club, hosted various podcasts (including Woman Up!, Hanging with Team Kanan, and Y Tu Bantha Tambien), along with leading live streams for good causes of various sorts (like 2018's FamCon and 2020's The Council). She is a frequent pop culture convention attendee and has been an on-the-ground reporter for ComicBook as well as Syfy's Fangrrls.

Along with her work in front of the camera, Catrina has served in crew and lead positions on multiple productions, including her efforts as Assistant Producer of 2019's Looking for Leia.








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129. Catrina Dennis: Something for Everyone

129. Catrina Dennis: Something for Everyone

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