DiscoverIntentional Optimists - Unconventional Leaders13. Fashion with a Purpose, with Tenzi Chacha
13. Fashion with a Purpose, with Tenzi Chacha

13. Fashion with a Purpose, with Tenzi Chacha

Update: 2020-11-09


Tenzi Chacha is the founder of the women’s empowerment program, Sewing Empowers Women (SEW), based in East Africa. She has leveraged her gift and talents in the area of fashion design and production, teaching women how to sew women’s clothing and accessories as a way for them to financially support themselves and their families. Some of them create special pieces for TENZI Design, where they are paid per piece they create and then the products are sold both in person and online to support the program.

Topics discussed in this episode: 

  • The steps to accomplish your dream [13:50 ]
  • Managing the BIG vision 
  • Leadership Principle: Faith: Placing it in God’s hands [29:55 ]

Now what?

  • Key Habit [34.55]
    • Setting Deadlines
    • Write it down on paper
    • Organize & Plan
  • How to expand the business into other countries and even global growth [32:00 ]
    • Train more women
    • Raising money
    • Marketing / Design / Funding 
  • City of Hope [10:56 , 42:52 ]
    • How we work with people 
    • How fashion can be more than the outward image
    • Leadership Program 
  • How to move forward for you [47:00 ]
    • Daydream about it
    • Support and promote

Get Involved:

  1. Go shopping! Just in time for the holidays!
    1. TENZI Design 
    2. City of Hope Gift Catalog
  2. Donate  - City of Hope and the S.E.W. program are built and sustained by donations. Sponsoring a child gives you and your family a tangible, and real way to exercise generosity, uplifting and empowering the next generation.
  3. Share your skills.  Tenzie is looking for someone who can teach hand embroidery to the women in the S.E.W. program.  There are other needs they have. Contact Tenzi for more information.

Resources mentioned in this episode:
(As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases)
Kisses From Katie  [17:58 ](#CommissionsEarned)
Teamwork City of Hope - Uplifting Communities [46:00 ]
Glamour Magazine Article [44:57 ]

Where to find Tenzi:
Instagram: @tenzidesign 

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13. Fashion with a Purpose, with Tenzi Chacha

13. Fashion with a Purpose, with Tenzi Chacha

Andrea Johnson