DiscoverMay the Record Reflect13. One on One on One, with Judge Mark Drummond and Carol Sowers
13. One on One on One, with Judge Mark Drummond and Carol Sowers

13. One on One on One, with Judge Mark Drummond and Carol Sowers

Update: 2020-11-03


In Episode 13 of “May the Record Reflect,” communications specialist Carol Sowers returns, bringing Judge Mark Drummond with her, to talk about meeting needs of the trial community in the strange new world of Zoom. Video hearings, depositions, jury trials, and even conference calls are now the new normal, but when your client has everything on the line, you must elevate your on-camera presentation. Judge Drummond and Carol talk about NITA’s 1:1 coaching that helps you do exactly that, and they dispense advice that you can instantly apply to your next engagement on Zoom.


4:29      Individualized, one-on-one coaching
7:24      Session structure
8:38      Instantaneous review and re-do
10:30   Communication skills through Zoom 
11:26   Office setups and backgrounds
13:33   Overcoming the challenges of remote advocacy
15:16   Court-ordered virtual backgrounds, using exhibits in Zoom 
17:45   Role-playing expert witness examination and using exhibits
19:44   Tips on talking to the camera, lighting, eyeglass reflection
22:30   Blue light from monitors that wash out complexions
24:40   Makeup suggestions
26:05   Best clothing colors for the camera
26:52   What contributes to Zoom fatigue
28:32   Tiles for trials and “Hide Self View”
30:07   Jury trials, body language, and constitutional muster
34:15   Gravitas in the remote courtroom
38:01   What Judge Drummond and Carol have learned
40:42   Signature signoff question


“You want to be concentrating, if it’s a [Zoom] hearing, you want to have the fewest tiles [onscreen] possible. So, you want to have the exhibit perhaps on one tile [by using] Share Screen, and you want that witness’s face as large as possible so you can see the witness reaction. So, you don’t need your face on the screen.” (Judge Mark Drummond)


“My little mantra is ‘Minimizing the distractions in order to maximize the message.’ It’s not necessarily that you have to have the perfect Zoom setup. You don’t have to have the perfect background or the perfect lighting. What you want to consider is doing everything you can to minimize anything that’s going to be distracting when people are watching you on Zoom, because if they’re distracted by the visual, they’re going to miss your very important verbal message.” (Carol Sowers)  


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13. One on One on One, with Judge Mark Drummond and Carol Sowers

13. One on One on One, with Judge Mark Drummond and Carol Sowers

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