DiscoverWhat is Personal is Universal13. The "c" word. Yes, we are going there today!
13. The "c" word. Yes, we are going there today!

13. The "c" word. Yes, we are going there today!

Update: 2021-08-09


Yes . . . we are going there. 

Fascinating and controversial topic as we leap into talking about the current state of the world of COVID, you guessed it the "c" word.

We share our thoughts on how the division among us has taken it's toll emotionally and mentally for so many over the last eighteen months.

We share our experiences on the distain and frustrations felt as people are not seeing the world through the same lens as another.  We encourage all of us to stand up and have a voice if you are so called, AND in that same breath offer compassion, empathy and grace without judging one another.

We encourage those feeling the angst of the current environment to rise above the line, rise above the choas. Stay in love. Take a deep breath. We get what we give; choose to exercise compassion, understanding and grace.

Do whatever serves you from a place of love and heart. Avoid ego, arrogance and anger for those that see life through different perspective. And being aware of our own personal cognitive dissonance could offer us a chance to look through a lens of curiosity and recognize and honor that we don't know what we don't know. The same is true when you need to set boundaries of energy projected that doesn't serve you.

Choose your center, and it certainly doesn't need to be someone else's balance, center or alignment. What is yours, is yours. Be true to that and we encourage you to release judgment of what the other person is doing. We believe that single act can all raise the vibration of the planet.

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13. The "c" word. Yes, we are going there today!

13. The "c" word. Yes, we are going there today!

Amanda Joy Loveland & Jessica Lee Devenish