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13. The Great Resignation

13. The Great Resignation

Update: 2021-11-20


This year, the term "the Great Resignation" has been increasingly used to describe the explosion in people wanting to change their careers.

As a planet, we're in unprecedented times – and it's no wonder that many teams are going through a tumultuous time with changes never seen before.

If you're anything like me, handling team changes is one of the most challenging aspects of being a manager and leader. I find it hard to even know where to begin on this topic, but I thought I'd share my latest thinking in this episode with the hope it will be valuable to others out there going through similar challenges.

Actions / take aways

  • Every change is an opportunity to look at the business – what is going well, what isn't?

  • Understand people’s goals and desires and ensure they’re on the right path.

  • When someone leaves there can be tremendous opportunity for others on the team to grow into new roles.

  • Be clear with yourself on the goals and needs of the company.

  • Remember: everyone is on their own journey. You can’t control that! Focus on what you can control – organisation design, encouraging the culture and performance you want to see, leading by example, and making people the hero on their own journey.

  • You’re not alone. This stuff is hard. Talk to others and you’ll realise that many others are in the same boat and going through similar challenges.

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13. The Great Resignation

13. The Great Resignation

James Gill