DiscoverMurder With My Husband130. Mary Jo and Blake Hadley - The Deadly House Party
130. Mary Jo and Blake Hadley - The Deadly House Party

130. Mary Jo and Blake Hadley - The Deadly House Party

Update: 2022-09-194


On this episode of MWMH, Payton and Garrett discuss how 17-year-old, Tyler Hadley, murdered his parents in their own home and then threw a house party with their corpses sitting in their bedroom down the hall.


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Port St. Lucie Police Department redacted Incident Report. Felony Plea Form, State of Florida v. Tyler Hadley, St. Lucie County File Date, February 19, 2014, Tyler Joseph Hadley

Assisted research and writing by: Diane Birnholz



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130. Mary Jo and Blake Hadley - The Deadly House Party

130. Mary Jo and Blake Hadley - The Deadly House Party