DiscoverShe's Bold with Beth Whitman131 ~ Jennifer Louden ~ Author, Why Bother
131 ~ Jennifer Louden ~ Author, Why Bother

131 ~ Jennifer Louden ~ Author, Why Bother

Update: 2020-06-30


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Today's conversation is with Jennifer Louden.

I had really wanted to chat with Jen in-person. And we had hoped to do so when she was scheduled to be in Seattle on a book tour in June. But that all went sideways when travel (and pretty much everything else) was grounded.

So we decided to chat remotely instead. And I’m so glad we did.

You might know Jen as a pioneer in the self-care world. She’s a best-selling author and teacher of workshops, helping people lead a meaningful life through wellness, creativity and mindfulness practices.

She has a new book out called Why Bother: Discover the Desire for What’s Next.

There’s a couple of things I want to point out about this book and our conversation. At first glance, you might read the title, Why Bother, and think that it could be a bit depressing. Because we often associate sadness or depression with that phrase. But Jen turns that phrase around and helps you get to the root of why you SHOULD bother. And I love that about this book.

The other thing that I’ll point out, and I do gush about it in the episode but it’s worth mentioning here…I don’t think there could have been a better time for this book to get published. Because we are ALL looking for meaning, for purpose, for the reasons why we should bother.

Jen’s book gives us the road map to figure out why we should bother. She touches upon the main points of her book in this episode but, of course, I’d suggest picking up a copy of the book for lots of details and inspiration.

Please enjoy this conversation with Jennifer Louden.


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131 ~ Jennifer Louden ~ Author, Why Bother

131 ~ Jennifer Louden ~ Author, Why Bother

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