DiscoverBicara Supply Chain131. Building customer-centric supply chains
131. Building customer-centric supply chains

131. Building customer-centric supply chains

Update: 2021-04-02


Guest Name: Azukaego Chukwuelue, Supply chain Director, Nigeria at Kimberly-Clark.  Language: English, Publication date: April, 02. 2021

Azukaego is a certified professional, with a wealth of Commercial experience spanning 20 years and she currently works in Kimberly-Clark Nigeria, where She serves as the Supply Chain Director responsible for the Supply network and operational accountability in line with strategic business goals. Through her 20 years of career, She has gained versatility and depth from working in different fields; her passion for transformative leadership and the ability to harness team power earned her several recognitions.

Beyond her work, She mentors young ladies with a goal for ensuring that  all women have the skills and capabilities that will enable them earn a seat at the table on merit. She does this through Truss Empowerment Foundation; a nonprofit focused on creating real value for young  people via enhancing their economic power by building capabilities that allow successful engagement in stereotyped and leadership roles.

Some of the highlights of questions from the podcast:

  • Tell us a bit the meaning of customer-centric supply chains ? What’s the scope of the customer-centric supply chains?

  • What realistic benefit can we expect to get from moving to a customer-centric supply chains model ?

  • How do these model translate into tangible competitive advantages, revenues increases and profitability?

  • What would be the first step to get this moving around ? who are the main internal and external stakeholders who will need to be involved?

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131. Building customer-centric supply chains

131. Building customer-centric supply chains

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