DiscoverTrue Crime Obsessed132: Chris Watts: Family Man / Family Murderer
132: Chris Watts: Family Man / Family Murderer

132: Chris Watts: Family Man / Family Murderer

Update: 2020-05-1218


Chris Watts and his wife Shanann seemed to have it all: Thriving careers, wonderful friends, two beautiful kids with a third on the way. But then on August 13, 2018, Shanann’s best friend Nicole can’t get ahold of Shanann. She calls and calls,  and then goes to Shanann’s house. Shanann’s car, purse, phone, wallet, medication are all there, but Shanann and the kids are gone. The mystery of the disappearance of Shanann and the kids unfolds in real time thanks to home security footage, footage from police bodycams, neighborhood security footage, and actual 911 calls. In the end, Chris Watts himself is admits to killing his whole family, leaving everyone around them, and the world at large, wondering why.

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Second podcast I've listened to today involving a narcissistic wife murderer😬I'm off to have a cup of tea, followed by a decent glass of wine! Great podcast, thanks Gillian and Patrick☺ Chris Watts however is a total scumbag. That's the tame version!!😡

May 14th

Sara Duffy

His friend's daughter babysat 😣

May 13th

Emily Colón

Was wondering just how they would deliver such a seriously sad story in a humourous yet respectful way. Naled it!

May 13th

Krystin Zblewski

This story is horrible and sad, but this #tco episode covering the sadness is classic, hilarious Gillian! #ilovetco

May 12th

The Brotherhood of Sleep

Gillian would make an EXCELLENT comedian!

May 12th








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132: Chris Watts: Family Man / Family Murderer

132: Chris Watts: Family Man / Family Murderer

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